mLearn 2011 – Calls for Practitioner Stream and Student Posters

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you very much for the mLearn papers that you submitted to us earlier this year. We are pleased to see so many of you are interested in mLearn 2011 Beijing and we look forward to meeting you all in October.

The notification of acceptance will be announced on 11 July 2011. Please note that our call for doctoral consortium, workshops and panels is still open until 22 July. We encourage you to register early and book your flight early, as it is more economic to do so (the early-bird registration will be closed on 26 July).

Some of you have written to let us know that your mobile learning work (e.g. mobile apps) could be interesting to present, but concerned that it could not be classified as research. As you know, the mLearn conference each year attracts not only academic researchers, but also welcomes contributions from developers, professionals, practitioners, and educators from school education, industry, government, international organisations, etc. We are pleased to announce a new call specifically for an additional Practitioner Stream in the conference. We cordially invite you to submit short papers with an emphasis on mobile learning practice in classrooms, healthcare, businesses or any other relevant practice settings. Details of your mobile learning practice should be presented in a 1000-word proposal. This Practitioner Stream Call will close on 1 September 2011.

In addition, we will give free admission to doctoral and Masters students to the poster session, where students are encouraged to present their work in the form of posters. This would not give admission to the conference, but students will receive a student discount to attend mLearn. The Call for Student Posters will be closed on 1 September 2011.

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